K-cups are... eh, okay. So don't pay full price!


Cheapest K-cups

You aren't drinking k-cups for the taste, right?

Decaf K-cups

The greatest scientific minds still don't know how the caffeine was removed, but here we are.

Half-Caff K-cups

Half the caffeine, twice the price, apparently.

By Brand

Green Mountain K-cups

Harvested from the k-cup trees that sit upon the highest peaks of Green Mountain.

McCafe K-cups

When will they have a McGriddle flavor?

Starbucks K-cups

Spoiler alert: Even Starbucks k-cups are expensive.

Dunkin' Donuts K-cups

Surprisingly good coffee.

Amazon Brand K-cups

Amazon makes coffee now too, in addition to... everything.

By Flavor

Breakfast Blend K-cups

Thought it would taste like pancakes, but it does not.

Pumpkin Spice K-cups

Put on your cozy sweater and crunch some leaves.

Donut K-cups

Do you like donuts? Do you like when they are in liquid, caffeinated form? Then this is the flavor for you.

French Vanilla K-cups

Whoa, so fancy.

Hazelnut K-cups

It's a type of nut. That's all I know.

Tea K-cups

When you can't even handle a tea bag, you know you're in trouble.

Hot Cocoa K-cups

Apparently tearing open that little packet of hot cocoa is simply too exhausting.