K-cups are... eh, okay. So don't pay full price!

Double Donut Coffee French Vanilla Medium Roast K-cups (80 Count)

This variety of k-cup is $28.99 for 80 k-cups. If you do the math, that's $0.36 per k-cup.

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Amazon is a bit wordier with how they named this product. They call it "French Vanilla Coffee Medium Roast Flavored Coffee Pods for Keurig K Cups Makers from Double Donut, 80 Count (Pack of 1)".

Some additional details about this product:

  • Rich flavor in every sip Double Donuts Medium Vanilla Bean is a rich blend of medium roast Arabica coffee beans with the classic taste of vanilla
  • Compatible brewing machines Double Donut Coffees Vanilla Bean is perfect for your Keurig 1.0 or 2.0 and a hot mug on a frosty morning or a refreshing iced coffee beverage on a warm sunny day. State of Readiness: Ingredient
  • Highquality ingredients for your mind and body Our blend of Arabica beans not only creates the ideal taste but each capsule is sugarfree glutenfree vegan certified Kosher and Pareve
  • Eco friendly pods Double Donuts ensures your tastebuds and Mother Nature will thank you as you sip this Vanilla Bean Blend because each pod for Keurig Kcups is 100 percentage recyclable
  • Please note Keurig K Cups Green Mountain and Keurig are registered trademarks of Green Mountain and or Keurig Double Donut has no affiliation with Green Mountain and or Keurig

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Oh, and here's a bunch of pictures if you've never seen k-cup pods before: