K-cups are... eh, okay. So don't pay full price!

Bonsai Tea Green Tea K-cups (100 Count)

This variety of k-cup is $36.48 for 100 k-cups. If you do the math, that's $0.36 per k-cup.

Buy on Amazon for $36.48

Amazon is a bit wordier with how they named this product. They call it "Bonsai Tea Co. Green Tea, Compatible with 2.0 Keurig K Cup Brewers, 100Count".

Some additional details about this product:

  • Find your balance and connect with your senses with a soothing cup of Bonsai Tea. Enjoying a daily cup of tea has been shown to uplift your mood and boost productivity, all while reducing stress. Letting go and unwilling has never tasted so good!
  • Bonsai Tea Co. Green Tea
  • Contains 100 premium quality Bonsai tea pods.
  • Bonsai Tea Co. Pods are Compatible with 2.0 Keurig K-Cup Brewers.
  • Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. Keurig, Green Mountain and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. Bonsai Tea Co. is not affiliated, endorsed, or related with Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.

Need to know more? You can read more about this product on Amazon.

Oh, and here's a bunch of pictures if you've never seen k-cup pods before: